Welcome With the dawn of the fashion era nostrum has made its presence felt in the world of fashion with its unique way of designs and the creative cast of nostrum jeans In a time when fashion brands were capturing the youth market, real youth was discovering different, sometimes dangerous, and always breathlessly exciting fashion that the founders of nostrum jeans released. Soon they unleashed their vision of detail-rich jeans to an audience that had become tired by a tidal wave of bland and anonymous jeans.

Nostrum Jeans was founded in 2005 by Mr. Raj Nawani.

Mr. Raj Nawani, with a professional backing in textiles & with a vast sea of creativity within him, thought of the brand and the idea behind creating nostrum(Unmatched Power).

With a humble beginning & small size of production base, Mr. Raj now has dreamt of reaching the stars. Bubbling with innovative ideas is constantly venturing into expansion of the company. Persistently working & leading an able team to enhance products and productivity to maintain the standards, he has set for the company. Always open to new developments with ultimate customer satisfaction in mind, Mr. Raj within no time has created a place of his own in the Domestic Clothing Industry.

A few years after their success, they bought several showrooms and shops. The brand has captured the Indian market with its ability to adapt to the ever-changing youth fashion and one of its main objectives is to continue expanding in these territories. A great product, good value for money and creative advertising campaigns have made nostrum Jeans a leading brand that is now present globally. Within the few years of its beginning nostrum has expanded its territories in the major part of the sub-continent and has become one of the leading brands of the international market.

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